This is what we stand for and defines the way we do business.

Honourable – discreet, confidential, trusted with innate integrity

Intelligent – experienced, strategic, brave

Fair – prices and minded

Kind – thoughtful and listening!

Respected – recommended by friends, clients and professionals


At a time when many businesses are grappling with the true impact of technological advances which aim to enable greater efficiency through automation and outsourcing of services, we see a place for a more personal service, not less.

There is no doubt that these advances can save businesses time and money, are convenient and may enhance elements of the ‘service’ experience but we believe that they do not replace the customer desire for an individual, personal service.

Personal ‘Matters’ – Whitworth Law offers a truly personal service, transparent and realistic price structure, sound and sensitive advice and guidance based on years of experience. David is not just a lawyer but a respected and trusted adviser.

We want to work with clients like us, who share our values and who value what we do and how we do it.